Boucher Hill Palomar Loop 7/6/2020

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By parking off the park we are saving $45. That is lot of beers.
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On a trail?
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That is changing to off trail quickly.
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With some obstacles.
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You can stash lot of acorns here.
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View of casinos.
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Found the prom register! Who would put it here?
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We can see our next stop: Boucher Hill.
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There are Mountain Lions (signs), plague, rattlesnakes, poison oak, covid-19 etc. Dangerous place.
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And lot of 400 years old trees.
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Alley walk.
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Boucher Hill. There can be only 3 people on the platform at the same time.
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So our group picture is off the platform.
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Flowers with a moth.
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Nice meadow to walk.
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We are looking for some section marker. This is dangerous here, lot of poison oak.
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Found it! John will sacrifice himself to get a closer look.
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Weir is occupied so we will skip it.
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Looking for a place to have lunch and to find another SM.
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These trees are huge.
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Some did not make it.
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Impressive fallen giants.
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We are on a mission.
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Found Rob siting in shade by the pond.
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Pond is nice.
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All made it back. It was a nice hike.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.2 Technical: 3.3 Scenic: 3.7 El. 1700'