Los Pinos Peak plus 7/20/2020

hk20072031.jpg - 131920 Bytes
Starting on a road.
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This part is easy.
hk20072036.jpg - 131722 Bytes
Some parts are green, some were burn by the big 2018 Holy Fire.
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Getting up to the ridge.
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After the fire bushes are taking over. There is lot of new Poodle_dog bush here.
hk20072051.jpg - 161321 Bytes
On the ridge.
hk20072057.jpg - 152331 Bytes
This all was burned.
hk20072058.jpg - 98575 Bytes
Santiago, we were there last week.
hk20072062.jpg - 148930 Bytes
Ridge trail.
hk20072069.jpg - 130523 Bytes
Made it up.
hk20072070.jpg - 169192 Bytes
Since we have some time Wayne and I are going to do a ‘bonus’ hike down to those bumps.
hk20072071.jpg - 142949 Bytes
Steve is coming also with us.
hk20072073.jpg - 167649 Bytes
It is lot of downs and ups.
hk20072075.jpg - 195795 Bytes
Mostly down.
hk20072076.jpg - 155567 Bytes
Made it to 3907.
hk20072078.jpg - 180300 Bytes
We are spend. I am the only one standing.
hk20072079.jpg - 115918 Bytes
Looking South.
hk20072085.jpg - 194212 Bytes
It is hot and we are going up! Are we some kind of Maniacs?
hk20072087.jpg - 187994 Bytes
Found the only shade on the ridge for our lunch.
hk20072088.jpg - 134452 Bytes
Up and up we are going.
hk20072089.jpg - 220057 Bytes
Back up at Los Pinos.
hk20072090.jpg - 98955 Bytes
Lake Elsinore, that water looks so nice. We are hot and dehydrated.
hk20072092.jpg - 233888 Bytes
Poodle-dog is everywhere.
hk20072091.jpg - 132604 Bytes
Back on the road. It will be down from now on.
hk20072093.jpg - 161996 Bytes
They are waiting with some refreshments.
hk20072094.jpg - 158291 Bytes
All together and rehydrating.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 3.5 Scenic: 3.6 El. 3000'