Soledad Mountain 8/3/2020

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Hey birds, what you are doing! What a mess!
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The beach is clean.
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Since the tide is coming in we are skipping the cave portion.
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Canyon to get out of the beach.
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Lots of birds around.
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Sea lions with babies.
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Children pool is unoccupied.
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Sharon is leaving us. Is she going for a swim?
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We are continuing.
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Jim is meeting us on the beach.
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Our covid picture.
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Some off trail.
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Cactus front yard.
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By the golf course. Tossing golf balls onto the green.
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We made some nice approach shots.
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Street walk changes into Monday hike.
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Nobody comes here.
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Some backyards are in our way.
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Oops, where is Jim?
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Wit and Angelika are also down. What is going on?
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Made it to cleared part by Copley Estate.
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There is a new fence! The gate is unlocked, no signs, letís go in.
Some guy stopped us claiming that it is his property so we should return immediately or he will call police!
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So we are continuing on the other side of his big and long fence via bush.
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They have big fences everywhere here.
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Short walk on a street.
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And back to off road.
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Looks like everything is private and chained.
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Coastal clouds still in.
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Finally, made it to the top.
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Jim stashed his bike by the fence. He is riding downhill home.
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We are hiking down.
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One last slide is off Hwy 52.
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Made it to Jimís place.
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Time to relax with beer and guac. Steve is on his way.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.2 Technical: 3.7 Scenic: 3.9 El. 1400'