Imperial Beach 9/7/2020

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Starting from the Imperial Beach Estuary.
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Sun is getting up with orange glow from East County fires.
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There is a heat wave in San Diego but here it is COLD!
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Cold and windy.
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Border patrol is waiting for us?
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Made it over the Tijuana River. It was waist deep.
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Almost at the border. With bullring visible.
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Our group.
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Angelika and Rob want to touch the fence.
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Than Border Patrol honking runs down to talk to them. Are they going to be arrested and deported?
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In the process BP gets stuck in the sand and needs some pushing help.
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It is a cache of swim fins that have been used by illegal swimmers.
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Snowy Plovers, are they nesting?
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Enhanced sign.
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Back at the Tijuana River. This time it is different, the tide is coming in!
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Angelika is sinking!
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Steve is ready to swim.
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Blue Heron.
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IB pier.
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There is no high ground in Imperial Beach.
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Strong cool winds, whole day.
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Even alligators are here.
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Today is Labor Day!
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That looks like mishmash pipes.
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Few steps to the side and it is a piece of ART.
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We are back, still windy and cold. Rob is taking an alternate route back.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.4 Technical: 3.5 Scenic: 3.5 El. 50'