Pt. Loma, Sunset Cliffs 9/14/2020

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Month ago we started also from here and I counted 669 birds. This time they are too close together to count.
No social distancing! Can they get the Bird Flu?
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Afraís bike?
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First it started with Corona on top of it we have heat waves than fires and now all the forests are also closed.
So we keep on walking in the city for now. Nothing will stop us!
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Fomosa Slough.
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What is that bridge for?
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Resting Great Blue Heron.
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Some rock art.
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It is still foggy.
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We are also doing Johnís Alpha walk. John is looking for where Sunset Cliffs Blvd starts.
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It starts here, we are almost on a freeway.
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Osprey, (sea hawk) is watching us.
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Is Rob going to his fitness?
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This is Johnís doughnut shop. Hmmm doughnuts.
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Our group.
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Too many birds.
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Some chicks.
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This is the end of Sunset Cliffs Bl.
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Finally some cardio hill.
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Point Loma Nazarene University.
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Here we are at Southernwood Way that was missing from Johnís list.
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Happy sisters!
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Ended in a shade with refreshments service.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.2 Technical: 2.5 Scenic: 3.4 El. 700'