White Pocket Trip I 9/28/2020

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Our trip to White Pocket in Arizona. This picture is from our first night camp at Whitney Pocket.
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By a chance we (Jeri and I) meet with our main group at the rest stop close to the Nevadaís border.
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Made it to Whitney Pocket where are lot of interesting rocks.
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Setting our camp.
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Old Indian is watching us.
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Before we will go somewhere we have to replenish our fluids.
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Rock Bridge.
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Some parts of this mountain are white some are red.
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First stop is at the old cistern.
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No water there but it is an impressive structure.
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Since we are here we have to climb something!
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Can somebody climb that?
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We have our own challenges.
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It is rugged with sharp rocks.
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Porcupine rocks.
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Fun climbing.
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It is easier now.
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These rocks are non-slippery.
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I am almost down so I can relax and take some selfie.
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Others are going down different ways.
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During the sunset colors of the mountain changed to bright red.
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Moon is up.
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Morning, we are ready to continue.
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Overlook of Vermilion Cliffs. We will end up somewhere up there.
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Well almost there but I am stuck in the sand.
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Ed will pull me out.
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Made it.
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Johnís car is getting in.
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All are in! Where is Joel?