White Pocket Trip III 9/30/2020

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We are climbing White Pocket. Most of our group made it to the top. I Monday Mike and Friday Mike stopped at the top saddle that is nicely visible from here.
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Fri Mike is returning from the saddle. I am going up.
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There is Joel down after passing thru the saddle.
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Looking down there is our camp and cars.
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Way down is also scenic so I am taking my time to take pictures.
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Need to find good way down.
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There are so many ledges and ramps.
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Just wondering how these different layers happened.
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Here is a shark fin.
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Balancing rock.
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There used to be dinosaurs roaming here.
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More layers and colors.
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Looking back.
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So many bizarre things to look at and photograph.
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Afternoon siesta.
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Some guy in a brand new Range Rover first got temp stuck in sand than lost his wife so we are looking for her.
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This looks like a big turtle. It is not her.
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Well they found each other. On a way out he got sunk all the way to the frame into sand so our group was digging him out for about hour and half.
His salesman told him: ĎLand Rovers donít get stuck in sandí. He may even told him that they can climb trees like in the Gods Must Be Crazy Movie.
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What is Carol cooking now?
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It is morning and we are ready to leave. I was worrying all night since there were about four other cars that were stuck in sand going out or coming in.
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Our lead car got stuck on a way out. I am next to go with my 2WD. Lowered my tire pressure to 20 PSI, locked my differential got my speed up. I am flying, no problem. Carolís photo.
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Johnís car.
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We all made it!
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On a solid ground. This is our complete group picture before we separate.
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They are leaving, I am inflating my tires. It was a great trip thanks to Ed who set it up and thanks to all the participants. Mike.