Tecolote Canyon Area 10/5/2020

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Starting early in the morning while it is cool.
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It will be warm again today but this may be the last hot Monday for this year.
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This is our warmup hill.
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Where are we now?
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Looks like a Buddhist part of the town.
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We are on a way to the Birdland.
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Is there a bird named Teebird? Not sure about that! This is also part of Johnís Alpha walks.
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There is a Whinchat bird.
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We are off the streets.
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John is looking also for some geocache.
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This looks like a seashell growing on tree.
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Geocache is nowhere to find. We need Chuck.
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On a way into the canyon.
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Some green water in there.
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Our group.
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Some of us are taking the rollercoaster trail back.
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It is four times up.
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Four times down.
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Julie is celebrating.
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Almost back.
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It is nice in the shade.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 3 Scenic: 3 El. 1000'