Goat BM 10/19/2020

hk20101907.jpg - 93055 Bytes
Six cars, ten hikers.
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This should be simple and easy.
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Wayne is with us again.
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Looking back south.
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Beth is here also.
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One of these little bumps is Goat BM. Which one?
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Well, that bump I pointed as Goat, it is not! That may prove to be a problem since we, as a group are splitting already.
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The first stop is to be at the section marker. Some of us stopped there.
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The real Goat BM is over there!?
hk20101926.jpg - 199695 Bytes
Our second stop is to look for never before found BM that should be here somewhere. Still not found!
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John and I are the only ones looking for it. So our group is disintegrating. Some could say it is a dysfunctional group.
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Maurice and I are trying to get some of the group together to no avail. We are mostly separated!
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After lunch I will climb up just below the Thimble. It is getting warm!
hk20101936.jpg - 174597 Bytes
No people around me so I am taking pictures of rocks.
hk20101938.jpg - 153063 Bytes
Interesting rocks.
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I am stopping often and imagining what these boulders around me look like.
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This truck is at the end of its road.
hk20101942.jpg - 154174 Bytes
It may be some early prototype of solar Nikola truck.
hk20101943.jpg - 98198 Bytes
Is there a moonshine in?
hk20101952.jpg - 92621 Bytes
Chimney rock.
hk20101954.jpg - 166667 Bytes
We are getting back together (happily).
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Most of us are back.
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So we are enjoying our after hike while we are waiting for John who made it back later with some delay.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.8 Technical: 3.7 Scenic: 3.7 El. 2500'