Plum and Sentenac 10/26/2020

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This is Cuyamaca Lake. It is red!?
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We got to our meeting place and here we are.
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It is a sand storm here canít get out canít see anything. Wind gusts over 40MPH.
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So, there is a change of plan. We are at Plum Canyon. It is pleasant here no winds.
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However there is a rattler in wash that Wit almost stepped on.
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Our snake handler said: it is dead.
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Hersh is posing with the catch.
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On we go.
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There is a big tarantula waiting for us. Not dead!
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What is next?
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Next we are climbing up.
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At the top of no name bump.
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There is also a camouflaged moth.
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So we are going back to the wash.
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We are all down.
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After lunch. John finished his yesterdayís pizza.
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Climbing up to Plum Peak.
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There is a register that we did not look for.
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Next we are heading for Sentenac.
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The pole says: Indian Canyon. Hmm.
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Almost up.
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Our group on top. Register is there, starts around 2018.
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Going down is somehow tricky, lot of chollas and agave.
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Altogether, nice hike nice weather.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.4 Technical: 3.5 Scenic: 3.6 El. 2300'