Shake and Quake 11/2/2020

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Climbing up to our first spot.
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It is a spot el. 2867.
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On a way down I fell and rolled into nasty cholla. I am trying to keep up with the group while pulling out those nasty spines.
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Made it to Shake. We are near Earthquake Valley.
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Susan is up.
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Here we are at our other objectives: section markers.
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We are in Little Blair Valley and going across it to that other ridge.
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This is a dry lake.
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Up to the ridge.
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It is getting steeper.
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Granite Mtn. on one side.
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Whale Peak is on the other side.
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We can see with binoculars that Hersch’s car made it. Where is he?
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Our group on Quake.
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Going on the ridge to that far bump, Fox Hound, where Hersch should be.
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Blair Valley on left, Little Blair Valley on right side.
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At spot 2963.
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Some parts are steep.
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Little Blair Valley.
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Found Hersch. He just came down from the top of Fox Hound.
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On a way up to Fox Hound. It is getting steep and sometime technical.
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On the top. It is a second time for Hersch.
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Big boulders around.
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So we taking easier way down.
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All together? No, Susan already left. It is still a warm day so we are enjoying our beer.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.6 Technical: 3.9 Scenic: 3.6 El. 1800'