Fish Creek Wash 11/9/2020

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What is it there?
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John found his geo cache.
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Looks like there was a war here.
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This is our first hill and also the last one for today.
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Nice climb.
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Sigma Alpha Mu, Sammy was here.
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There is lot of practice shooting down there so we will have to find alternate way to the flat.
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Our group here. Wit stays below.
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Fish Creek Mountains.
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There is snow on Toro.
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Oops, it is a drop-off here.
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This looks doable.
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John is taking more advanced way down.
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We have gully boulders.
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What is this? Bombing range target?
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Small wash.
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Is something here? Absolutely nothing.
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Finely we can get excited. Here is one section marker.
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This is just like Johnís Alphabet walk. Wit with fallen street (road) sign.
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Our lunch place.
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Are we desert delirious here? It is so flat here. Not yet, we are just looking for another section marker.
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Nice sand.
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Brushes growing from ground.
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In big wash. Are we in Fish Creek?
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Dropping down into wash.
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Wit may relieve himself here. How convenient.
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Well we made it all back. After relaxing hike we can relax even more. John is preparing for his anniversary lobster.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.1 Technical: 3.4 Scenic: 3.2 El. 500'