Jacumba Mountains 12/14/2020

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Parking is in the sand.
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We are doing section markers again. This one is not much effort. It is in flat.
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For others we have to go higher.
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Not bad for now.
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Some parts are steeper.
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Old style Section Marker.
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That was easy.?
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From here we are going up there.
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Boulders are getting also bigger.
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Section Marker on top, that is unusual.
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View of badlands.
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Rockhouse Canyon, there we will go eventually.
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First part of descend.
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This is more fun.
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Got into a canyon. John with Beth are taking the ridge.
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We have more challenging route.
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What is for lunch? John had pizza in aluminum foil, Hersch has sardines in oil.
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BO was here! Believe it or not. It is actually an official BEARING OBJECT sign. A corner accessory.
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Our group. This corner was marked/placed here since the real on map corner is in the steep part.
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Second half of our descend.
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Beth, on another steep down hill.
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He is not doing it the easy way since there is no easy way down.
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Made it down.
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Clouds over Alís Peak. We have sun with no wind here.
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Chollas forest.
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This is our last SM.
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Nice and shiny.
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On a way back.
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We found three discarded backpacks. Hersch is taking that t-shirt.
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At Smoke Tree Forest. Wild mule footprints.
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Our Corona in denial group and enjoying it.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.6 Technical: 4 Scenic: 3.8 El. 2000'