Sombrero Peak 12/21/2020

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Starting immediately up the steep hill.
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Since Wit just survived fight with Covid-19 he is turning back down to live another day.
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We are pressing up.
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John looks good.
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Made it to the first bump.
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After regrouping we continue.
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Some bizarre rocks.
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Saddle walk.
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The ridge just across is Jacumba Mountains where we were last Monday.
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Jacumba Mountain is at the end of the ridge.
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Our ridge.
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Getting closer.
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One last sip before the summit.
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Susan is up.
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Preston is looking for the register. Not here.
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Than Preston finds it just few feet from where Hersch is sitting.
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John is up.
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Our group.
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One last picture from the top.
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We are on a way down.
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Was steep up, now itís steep down.
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Here is another chain in this area. Hmm? Why?
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It is a Solstice day that means that Susan has Birthday today!
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Happy Birthday Susan.
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Still long way down. Group is just at the bottom of the picture.
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Not much trail here.
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Nasty catclaws are slowing our progress.
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Palm grove at the bottom.
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Complete group, keeping six feet apart.
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Our party is in the sun after guarding Susan and her car to get out over the rocky road.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.6 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.9 El. 2100'