9/2021 Tirol Hikes I

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Our big tour group is heading up to our first destination from Galtur in Austrians Tirols.
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There a fake whizl is welcoming us just in case that we will not see a real one.
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It is a time to separate by our different objectives.
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I am taking the way up.
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I have also another hiker to go with me.
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The color in the lake is incredibly blue.
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Not only the lake color but the mountains are beautiful.
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Small lake.
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I love it!
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Most peaks have a big cross on top,  At the back is the famous Silvretta High Alpine Road.
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On a way back down.
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That is a big dam!  At some places is even con-caved on top.
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 Local church at Galtur.
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With a real nice cemetery.
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Our **** hotel. We are on top floor with that big balcony and nice view.
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Next day's hike is from Silvretta lake. That stream shows a pressure from near by waterfall.
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We will climb up today.
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So far the road is just fine.
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The road leads to a restaurant where we can have a beer.
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Above the restaurant. Time to climb up.
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They put lot of cairns in some places. They have no trail meaning.
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Glaciers are still here.
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More glaciers.
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These look like some dandelions.
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Here is another happy hiker from our group.
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Border sign.
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Way down is more rugged.
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Love it. Mein Gott Angelika I may stay here!