Southern Bohemia 7/2021

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Our starting point for one of our hikes in Southern Bohemia.
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Local forest trail.
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Our destinations are not bench marks but local castles. There may be more castles than BMs.
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Is this a trail? Yes with roots.
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Another castle view.
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That point up there is my other destination.
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These monuments are for local villagers who died in WWI. 
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Village houses.
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This is a marked trail. There are usually red, blue, green, yellow trails.
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Boulder chapel. 
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Made it up to the observation tower.
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Since when you get to the top of the mountain there is no view (too many trees). They build these towers so you can see what is around.
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This one was extended. Taller trees? They sell beer at the bottom. Great!! 
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Chapel with a view.
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Here is one for John: a section marker!
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Our place where we are staying this week.
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Here is a view from old, 2500 years old remains of castle.
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Newer remains. No castle just old factory.
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Here is an ant's (castle) hill.
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Lot of real blueberries. They make your mouth real blue. 
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Love this river. Good boulder hopping.
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Here is a orientation sign about some old plane crash.
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Trail break.