8/2021 Bohemia Hikes

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These pictures are from some of our "Monday Hikes" in Czech.
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After the warm up hill we are at small church.
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That was fun.
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This place is where our friends have weekend cabins.
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Nobody is home so we are staying just for a while to drink our refreshments.
Sign says: Due to ammunition price increase, do not expect warning shot.
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While we are here I am visiting monuments of my friends.
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Our group on top of local bump.
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Rough way down.
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Heading for another tops.
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This one in called Crow's Rock.
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Different view pointers.
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We may go that way to visit a castle.
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It is raining, no problem, found it.
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Under the castle there are some bears fortunately guarded by steel and electric fence.
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So when I put my camera inside the fence the bear charged me.
Looks like that he got the electric shock. While I got my stupidity shock.
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Another castle is near by.
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We are going up there.
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Rain or no rain, that is hiking here.
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Rain stops shortly while we are going up.
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Made it up. time for some boost.
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Another hike is by old quarry.
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It is always fun to explore.
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Sometime it's not easy to change to a different level.
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What way to take?
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Made it up. On we go.
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That cross on top is our next destination.
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Trail up.
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We were just down there not too long ago.
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Old steel wire fence.
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Another castle.
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Hike is over so we are waiting for the next train or next, next train? This is our happy hour.