Coyote Mountain 1/11/2021

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Going up to Coyote Mtn. but this time we are taking the right ridge up instead of canyon like we did last time here.
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Here is our group before Wit will split and will meet us at the other side.
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Clark Lake (dry).
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Another odd markers that John was looking for.
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Starting up.
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It will be about two and half hours climb up.
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So far so good.
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Desert circles.
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About halfway up.
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Our ridge going up.
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This will be our ridge to go down. Looks easy. It depends on the way we will take.
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At the top.
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Here is Coyote BM.
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Toro Peak is above us.
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Way to go up to the Rabbit Peak.
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Ramp to Villager.
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Indianhead from the back side.
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Angelika made it.
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John is here.
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Our group. We gained Larry who came from Peg Leg side.
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Ridge looks smooth from here.
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There are some rough spots going down.
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Looking back. It is not that smooth.
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Borrego Springs on one side.
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Santa Rosa Mountains on the other side.
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I and Hersch are bushwhacking.
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I am calling this: Caldera. It may not be but it looks like one.
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Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Gold in rocks. Is this the place where Peg Leg Smith found his gold?
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Caldera bottom.
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Interesting place.
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Climbing out of it.
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Wit is welcoming us as he said that he will (with beers).
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Relaxing, our two youngsters already left.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.8 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.8 El. 3400'