Arena 2/22/2021

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Our parking place. It is sunny and nice no wind.
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So far it is easy.
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Swiss cheese rocks.
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Still in the canyon.
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Time to get some exercise.
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John got his #1 Section Marker.
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We are going up, Wit is going down (some rocks were ahead).
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So it is time for our group picture before we will split.
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Still on a way up.
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There is Salton Sea.
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Bigger hills around us. Pinion, Whale Peak.
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Arena is our early lunch place.
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Than Wit shows up. He came from the other (easy) side.
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So it is time for another picture but what those finger signs mean?
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Got back down and Wit and Rob are separating again.
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We have some tough climb up.
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There is another real Section Marker inside that rock pile.
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#2 for John is it a victory sign?
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Back onto the ridge.
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There are our cars.
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We need to get down first. Lot of agave everywhere.
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Time to relax.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 3.7 Scenic: 3.3 El. 2000'