Upper Coyote Cyn 3/29/2021

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We are parking where the road is still useable for us.
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While John went about Ĺ mile further.
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For now we are on a trail that is going down.
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It is the PCT trail.
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Beth found Johnís first Section Marker.
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It is off trail from here.
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There are even some rocks.
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So it is down-up, down-up.
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There is one of the ups tops ahead.
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Short break.
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Rock falcon is watching.
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It is going to be another 1000í down. So far the weather is nice with some breeze.
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All of these section markers are older than I am.
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Only Hersch is one showing his face. We are next to the SM.
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Down at the canyon.
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Angelika slid into wrong side so she needs some help.
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Wit can do it.
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That is a nice cactus.
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It is huggable, with care.
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After lunch group picture.
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John is in wash.
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Another SM. It is up and up from now on.
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This cairn was also on our map.
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Spreading up.
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Made it up to the road.
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Nice day, nice hike.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 3.4 Scenic: 3.5 El. 2000'