Hot Springs Mtn. 4/5/2021

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After paying $10 each to Los Coyotes Band of Indians we are parking at nice shady campground.
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The trail is via old road.
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Sometimes the road is steep.
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Steep or not it keeps going up.
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Nice lenticular cloud. Forecast is for high winds.
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Nice forest around us.
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Almost there.
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The summit block has a ladder. That makes it easy.
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Where is that hot spring?
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Here it is: nice shiny new sign.
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Had to change my hat so wind will not blow it away.
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Since this is San Diego County’s high point there are nice views on all sides.
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Snows of Gorgonio.
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We have to get down, that may be harder.
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Andy is getting down.
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Angelika may do it?!
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John A. and Susan are departing to try some other stuff.
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We meet John at the tower.
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So it is time for our partial group shot.
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Lot of views.
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Here is another register.
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It is too windy here.
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Road splits here, we are going left back to the campground.
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There are some flowers but it looks like this is not a year for them.
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Back at the campground.
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Are we all back? Almost.
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John is doing his JSHS presentation. Hersch 600, Wit 900 and Steve 200 hikes with John.
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Shirted picture.
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Rob is back so here is our complete group picture.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 3. Scenic: 3.6 El. 2900'