East Mesa Loop 4/12/2021

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It is a crisp morning in the shade. Temp is in the 40s.
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Looks like SD is under the sea.
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Stonewall Peak.
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Our complete group picture (just in case that we will split).
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John is reaching somewhere where is nothing. Not even geocache.
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East Mesa.
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We are splitting. John, Rob and Angelika will follow the map.
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Rest of us is looking for an easy way down to the cabin. Can it be here?
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There is a faint trail with no brush.
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Found it!
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This place needs some work.
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Way out may involve some bushwhacking.
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So far not bad.
hk21041279.jpg - 121350 Bytes
Opened patch.
hk21041284.jpg - 185585 Bytes
Just wondering where those ticks are waiting for us.
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Susan is getting more energy.
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Out of the bush.
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There is a smoke over Lagunas!
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Lunch place is under our traditional tree.
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Wit is leading.
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Continuing North.
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Another Indian smoke signal?
hk21041206.jpg - 44335 Bytes
No smoke signal just "controlled burn" this one is in Laguna.
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On the other side by Cuyamaca there is another "controlled burn". We are in the middle.
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Down by Harper Creek.
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That will be more interesting.
hk21041215.jpg - 182496 Bytes
Running water here.
hk21041228.jpg - 154918 Bytes
Right side or Left?
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Hopping from side to side.
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Nice inviting pools.
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We are all together and now it is a long walk back to the cars.
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After hike. Next time it may cost us $10 to park here?!!

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.6 Technical: 3.6 Scenic: 3.8 El. 1700'