Cutca Trail 5/3/2021

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Cutca Trail that can go all the way up to Eagle Crag.
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The first part is down. How steep? Steepness will show on a way back afternoon when it will be hot.
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Everything is green here. Too much green = brushy.
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Are we down yet?
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Blooming yucca.
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We are down. Mostly in shade.
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However trail is overgrown by poison oak.
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Be careful what you are brushing against.
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Out of that Poison Oak Alley.
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Nice to touch velvety plant.
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This hike is all on trail.
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Eagle Crag is up there. Kerry and Preston will attempt to do it.
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Regrouping at dry creek.
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On a way to Cutca Valley.
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Finally some color.
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It is a Yellow Gravel Road.
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We got to the middle of nowhere so itís time to turn back.
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Lunch time. Angelika is thinking about Preston who is climbing up with only one bottle of water.
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After lunch picture.
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Here is the only creek here with running water.
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Not many flowers so this is unique.
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Dry Yucca.
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1km up to our cars.
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Patiently consuming our refreshments while waiting for everybody to get up.
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John made it.
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All up, here is our complete group.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.9 Technical: 3 Scenic: 3.3 El. 2200'