Secret Canyon Trail 5/10/2021

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That is a nice area for walks.
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Larry says ‘cross here’ he knows.
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We are on Secret Trail.
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This trail is so secret the even John and his followers got lost on the other side.
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Back on real trail.
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Happy flowers.
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First look at the Pine Valley Bridge.
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This is a famous bridge not only that it is one of the highest bridges in US – 450’…
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It is also ill-famed since lot of jumpers are unfortunately using it.
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Anyway, the construction is interesting.
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We gather at the other crossing. This is where we are all still together.
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Some are running ahead.
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Some are sweep.
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Trail contours on west side of the canyon.
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It changes into flume.
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Somebody did not make it. Nice teeth.
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This flume was built in 1895 but never finished.
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Looks like a great wall.
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We are high above creek.
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Looking back at flume where John’s group is.
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Larry, our leader.
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Nice trail will soon change into endless switchbacks going down.
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Another switchback ahead?!
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Still going down.
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Water finally.
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Our lunch group.
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Sometime we are all together.
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Than fast runners get ahead, they are already down.
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There they are.
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Nice place to rehydrate.
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Or swim.
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We still need to climb up to our cars.
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After picking our cars from the trailhead we are back for our party. Will anybody join?
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Here is Hersch. Still daylight.
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John is here!
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John and Rob hiked for about one hour up in dark both without flashlights! No moon. They made it.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 3.5 Scenic: 3.7 El. 2100'+ 3200'-