McCain Valley spots 4553 & 4133 5/31/2021

hk21053177.jpg - 165227 Bytes
Entering our Entertainment Park.
hk21053183.jpg - 118741 Bytes
One way trail.
hk21053187.jpg - 165566 Bytes
Switching to double trail.
hk21053191.jpg - 140360 Bytes
There is our first destination, spot 4553.
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Some bush whacking with boulders on approach.
hk21053193.jpg - 125438 Bytes
There is that cave we want to get in.
hk21053196.jpg - 182627 Bytes
Preston got in from this side. Wit got in from the back side.
hk21053197.jpg - 195769 Bytes
It is a big up step.
hk21053105.jpg - 113173 Bytes
Potato chip rock?
hk21053106.jpg - 124612 Bytes
Almost up.
hk21053107.jpg - 132211 Bytes
On 4553.
hk21053112.jpg - 133123 Bytes
We will be getting down on the other side.
hk21053119.jpg - 121338 Bytes
Sombrero Peak is in peek view via this boulder crack.
hk21053125.jpg - 175735 Bytes
On a way down.
hk21053131.jpg - 163556 Bytes
Opened view of Sombrero.
hk21053133.jpg - 139449 Bytes
Lot of different rock formations everywhere.
hk21053136.jpg - 122903 Bytes
Who put that boulder up?
hk21053140.jpg - 89332 Bytes
Standing cobra rock.
hk21053143.jpg - 107022 Bytes
Boulders everywhere, love it.
hk21053145.jpg - 119073 Bytes
There is our next destination spot 4133.
hk21053148.jpg - 131996 Bytes
On a way up.
hk21053149.jpg - 128282 Bytes
Have to find a way in this maze.
hk21053150.jpg - 113464 Bytes
Jim and John A are already up.
hk21053151.jpg - 157962 Bytes
We have to find some way around.
hk21053153.jpg - 111810 Bytes
Made it, found it.
hk21053154.jpg - 130477 Bytes
John A is starting his next solo adventure to bag Sombrero so we will not see him again today.
hk21053157.jpg - 140617 Bytes
Rest of our group photo. Hersch and Malcolm stopped on the other side and Angelika with Wit are low.
hk21053160.jpg - 189937 Bytes
Now we have to find way down, more boulders.
hk21053166.jpg - 187937 Bytes
All together.
hk21053172.jpg - 104489 Bytes
Nice flowers.
hk21053175.jpg - 180723 Bytes
We are trained by John to stop when we see some section markers.
hk21053180.jpg - 17454 Bytes
Kettle of vultures is circling around us. Why? This is what I found on Google:
A flock of vultures signifies that someone you know will come in possession of a lot of money. Hmmm.
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In Bow Willow Creek.
hk21053188.jpg - 161997 Bytes
We are back and relaxing in shade.
hk21053190.jpg - 202122 Bytes
Our complete group minus John A. who is not back yet.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.8 Technical: 4 Scenic: 3.9 El. 1600'