McCain Valley Gasp BM 6/7/2021

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Starting from the old original McCain Valley road.
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First obstacle on our road.
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Another gate to pass. Are we getting into some secret location? Area 51?
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We are in windmills territory.
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Windmill forest.
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It is mostly downhill from now on.
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Sometime even uphill.
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Rock castles around us.
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John and Angelika are separating, they will look for some geocache.
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We are still on our way down.
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Lot of different rocks.
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Our ridge starts here so Wit stays up here.
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The ridge to Gasp.
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Some minor obstacles.
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It is windy, very windy.
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Strong gusts make it hard to stand.
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At Gasp.
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Looking down to Groan BM.
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It is so windy that my hat flew some way down, my sunglasses sailed away and my camera fell off after it took this picture.
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Mt. Tule.
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Waiting to regroup but where is Hersch? Oops, he is down at the end of that ridge and still going down.
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Found him, Hesch may get some extra credit for his additional effort.
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Now we need to get back up.
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Almost up.
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All together again.
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The trestle view.
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Trail goes up and up.
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Are we there yet?
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Some fences to get under and over.
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Made it back.
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All together trying to stay off the wind.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.3 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.6 El. 2200'