Wooded Hill/PCT Laguna loop 6/14/2021

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Heatwave is coming, so far it is pleasant.
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Johnís first geocache is somewhere here.
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Lot of places to hide.
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Top of Wooded Hill.
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That was fun.
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This is our first hike in woods this season. Feels different than desert where it may be 115F now.
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Instead of bizarre boulders we see lot of bizarre burned tree trunks.
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Happy Martha.
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Lots of signs on PCT.
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Are we here?
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Switching to different trails.
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And off trails.
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Flower bucket.
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Another geocache. This one is not to be found so John puts in replacement.
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Old tree bark.
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Here is one finely. With lot of stuff in.
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We found some weather station. Where is that switch to adjust or alter this hot climate?
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Some color.
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This is interesting: Witness Tree with marked location of the Section Marker.
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Here is another section marker close by that is referenced by Bearing Tree.
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Directions to SM.
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Now we know.
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Lunch is by the water (tower).
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This is not Dandelion.
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Nice trail ahead.
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There is a geocache in magnetic container somewhere here. Where it can be?
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In the shade. Temp is 88F.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.2 Technical: 3.1 Scenic: 3.4 El. 1300'