Beach Hike 6/21/2021

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It is a high tide so we have to go around via Scripps.
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Interesting succulents.
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And cacti.
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Since today is a Summer Solstice day Martha is sitting where the sun will fall into ocean tonight.
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Last year at winter solstice we were at the desert Indian Solstice Cave where they had also directions for sun to rise.
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Back at the beach.
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Entering Ho Chi Minh trail. It is slippery. Glad that I have a rope.
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Nice canyon.
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The head of our group is already up.
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Patsy, long time no see.
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Are we all?
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Kerry is taking a shortcut up.
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We are up, so…
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We have to go down to our next destination.
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Still more down.
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Via secret passage.
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There it is. Red (Vietnam?) flag.
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Our group picture made after few tries.

Press below for
Red flag on youtube

Above waterfalls on youtube

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That was fun!
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And back up.
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Mud bridge.
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For pilots only sign. We are OK, we can fly!
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Nice view.
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This can be slippery.
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Wit and John are joining us for a while.
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That engine is beyond repair.
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Muddy water.
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Waterfall #1 is almost dry. They are not watering enough above.
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Number zwei and numero trois are now dry waterfalls.
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Secret shack that Ho Chi Minh himself was barking marching orders from.
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Lot of trash around so Martha is cleaning up.
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Former visitors.
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This place is so secret that we did not leave any entry in visitor registers.
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Palm Canyon.
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Big osprey is watching us.
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Our group at the turnaround spot. John is somewhere exploring Torrey Pines.
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The Red flag is still flying.
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Classic Scripps Pier picture.
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In the shade of my pepper tree.
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Our group here. Missing and not present is Kerry, Chuck, Larry, Leslie and Jim.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 4 Scenic: 4.1 El. 1400'