Gray Mtn 10/18/2021

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It is a cool morning and it may even rain.
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The resort sign needs some upkeep.
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We are heading to the old movie/tv set.
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Today is another very windy day.
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Since this is next to the nudist resort than only naked visitors are allowed upstairs!
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Ms. Penelope is waiting for us.
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So far we are fully clothed.
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Wind hideaway.
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The rope is still there but we did not climbed it today.
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More caves.
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Chuck is getting up. However this is a false Gray Mtn. The real one is over there.
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No register so I can do at least a selfie.
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Hersch is catching up.
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This is the real Gray Mtn.
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Sun is up.
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Wit is patiently waiting for us.
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Having fun in boulders.
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Lunch is off the wind.
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On a way to our down canyon.
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Square wind hole.
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There are some dry falls we have to bypass.
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Some falls we just go down.
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Last drops before the tracks.
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Montreal cars are still here.
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However the condition is bad! Some are scorched by idiots.
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Opened tunnel.
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One of the small trestles.
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Will some train run here ever?
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The first tunnel is locked.
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Other train, more graffiti. Hope that our cars are not graffitied.
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All back together.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.9 Technical: 3.9 Scenic: 3.9 El. 2100'