Pinto Canyon 10/25/2021

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Going down to Pinto Canyon. Do they know what are they getting into?
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First we have to get up into that saddle.
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Lot of rocks, mostly no trail.
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Martha is here!
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Made it up, looks easy from here.
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Alec is here also.
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When in Pinto Canyon eat what the locals eat: Pinto Beans (No Artificial Colors or Flavors).
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Top of the Pinto falls.
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In order to go down the falls we have to start up.
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It is a boulder scramble.
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Inside the falls. Impressive.
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Shade break.
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Some more easy drops.
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They left brand new shoes here. Hmm.
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Palm Grove.
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I can see a Bigfoot in there.
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More stuff that you can pick. Just waiting for a free beer stand here.
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This is what we came for! The legendary petroglyph that ‘proves’ Lost Ship of the Desert Tale.
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Good place to relax. Hersch don’t leave your boots here!
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More healthy palms.
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Down we continue.
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These are nice ones, worthy to spend some pixels on.
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Our group by Shaman. Alec is on his way.
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The Bird.
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Martha is patiently waiting for Alec to catch up.
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It is warm, sunny, no breeze we are all dehydrated. Thanks to illegal aliens we all can replenish our water bottles and spirits.
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Still not at the saddle.
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Got up and there are some clouds like it was in the forecast. Rain? No rain.
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Al least we have sun shade above us.
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Martha with her smile.
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We are at the last scramble down to the freeway.
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It is getting dark, where are they? Richard has freshly brewed hot coffee.
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Here they are!
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We are all back together. Happy. Another adventure.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 4 Scenic: 4 El. 3100'