Mt. Tule 11/8/2021

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Made to the mine where we are parking. Will loop Tule on the west side.
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Starting on a road, not to scare Angelika.
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Bait and switch to off road.
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Martha likes it.
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Contours around Tule spurs.
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There is the southern end of Tule ridge Spot 3458, our goal.
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Short break.
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It is getting more interesting.
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Fun walking.
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Almost there.
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Sea of boulders on one side.
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Useless but scenic railroad on the other side.
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Top of the End of the Ridge.
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Our group here.
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Starting back.
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Lot of nice caves here.
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There may be some gremlins living here.
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The group is patiently waiting for me while I was exploring caves.
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After lunch we are starting climb up to Tule.
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It is a grind up.
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Are we there yet?
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Made it up. This entry in the register is when my friends from Czech were here.
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Relaxing and enjoying views.
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Views everywhere.
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Complete group.
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Steep down.
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At the Sacotone Spring Overlook is some new tower that is flashing blue lights. What is it?
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This seems useless here. Only if your car will not start. So what is the real purpose of it?
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Time changed, sun is going down early.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 3.5 Scenic: 3.6 El. 2300'