Granite Mtn. 11/29/2021

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From here the ridge up looks easy, done it several times before.
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Got on the old miners road.
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Looking down into Oriflamme Canyon.
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After hearing Martha to scream and freezing I am rushing back down.
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Even her smile is frozen.
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There is a rattler hissing and rattling close to her head.
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Since nothing happened we have to take some pictures.
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For next couple of miles we will be watching where we are stepping.
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That may be another snake pit.
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Up we go, still watching.
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One of our break points.
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Hersch is rejoining us.
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Wit is still with us for now, however he already decided that he will turn back and go the same way back down.
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One small obstacle to climb over.
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The ridge we climbed.
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We are up.
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Martha is here.
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Lunch and group picture.
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It is time to get down.
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So far itís easy.
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In order to make it a loop we will contour to that other ridge. Looks easy.
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Easy walk changed into contouring exercise.
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It is 3000í down in steep terrain. Need to relax our knees time from the time.
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Everybody is back. Next is a drive in rough terrain back to the highway.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.8 Technical: 3.6 Scenic: 3.4 El. 3200'