Diablo & Mud Palisades 12/20/2021

hk21122072.jpg - 179954 Bytes
Our complete group that we are starting up with.
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Need to cross couple canyons first. Wit is already doing it his easy way (around).
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Climbing up to the ridge.
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Canyons here are mostly unforgiving, when you get in it is hard to get out.
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First stop is: Diablo. Register starts in 1992.
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Devil Himself is welcoming us.
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John is getting up.
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Picture on Diablo before we will separate. John and Beth are going down to look for some section markers.
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Looks like they found some since John is all excited. Photo by Beth.
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We dropped down into Sandstone Canyon.
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Where Wit is waiting for us. We used to climb out and over it right here.
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Instead we are continuing down.
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Watch above. Big boulder.
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Bizarre Canyons.
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Looks inviting.
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Steep walls.
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Switching into another canyon.
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This one is also interesting.
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There is that boulder from the other side.
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After lunch Wit is retracing his steps back. We are exploring different canyons to see how sharp that agave is.
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Canyon ended so we are climbing up. Amazing Hersch.
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Susan and John.
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Another steep drop into the other canyon. Steve is already down.
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Mountain that was eaten by the weather or maybe by Big Diablo?
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Found Wit, he is waiting up there for us.
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In June Wash, Wit is leading.
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Another ridge crossing.
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That was fun.
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Our party with lot of potato chips.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 4 El. 1700'