Mine Peak/Canyon Sin Nonbre 12/27/2021

hk21122762.jpg - 51086 Bytes
It is a cold and windy morning, at least where we are parking.
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Not much wind here.
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Our group picture. John and Neal already started up.
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Steve and Hersch. Wit is going around.
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Canyon Sin Nombre.
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Is it getting too hot?
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Somebody spilled some colors.
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Are we there yet? Yes this is the Mine Peak.
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Wit also made it up. Agent #N not to be shown.
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We are going down to the badlands while John, Wit and #N are going down back to the cars.
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After steep drop it is getting easier.
hk21122711.jpg - 112441 Bytes
Our ridge down.
hk21122715.jpg - 143019 Bytes
Caves with stairs up.
hk21122717.jpg - 116118 Bytes
Amazing badlands.
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Almost down.
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Sunny lunch place.
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Colors are showing up.
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We need to do several up and downs to get to..
hk21122731.jpg - 80943 Bytes
Canyon Sin Nombre.
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Lets do the slot canyons.
hk21122740.jpg - 145347 Bytes
Love slot canyons.
hk21122741.jpg - 106018 Bytes
Cool canyon.
hk21122747.jpg - 143542 Bytes
It is a Yellow Canyon up
hk21122751.jpg - 134283 Bytes
And White Canyon down. At the squeeze.
hk21122756.jpg - 129722 Bytes
Almost out.
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More colors.
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Looks like a waterfall, just a silver vein.
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The cold windy weather front is back in.
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We are off the wind at the closed rec center.
hk21122777.jpg - 95572 Bytes
Lenticular clouds equal high winds however half of the wind mills are not turning. WHY SDG&E??

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 3.9 Scenic: 4.1 El. 2400'