Ted and Webo BM 1/10/2022

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There is a surprise in the parking lot. Parking for rich people only. Not even a trashcan is on site.
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Going up there. Not decided how high yet.
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The first high bump is BM Ted, the top is BM Webo.
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John is starting up.
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Wit is at Ted.
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Wanted to make a group picture but John is not here yet.
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I am continuing up solo.
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It is getting steeper.
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The other side is even steeper.
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Looking down.
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Made it to Webo!
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Other side of Webo. White and The Thimble up there.
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This is high point here but where is the register?
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Found it. It is on somewhat lower separate block.
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Originally was looking where that tree is.
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Talking to my knees: it is only 3000í down.
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John and Wit are back down in flat looking for some geocaches. We have good radio connections.
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Cactus and agave area that slows me down.
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Pesky chollas.
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Back down at Ted BM.
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Almost down.
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They didnít bring enough water.
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Beer tastes better than water. Our complete group.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.9 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.3 El. 3400'