Coyote Mtn Traverse 1/5/2015

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Made it to Alcoholic Pass. It is cross country from now on.
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There is Coyote Mtn. that we will be crossing.
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We are on a ridge trail up,
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while Wit is struggling in steeper terrain.
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Looking for the rest of our group.
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Indian Head and orange groves overview.
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Early lunch break at the top.

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Our group.
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That is our way down on the other (east) side.
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Made it to one of our spot elevations.
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There should be a register here. Wayne is determined to find it.
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None here, is it over there? Nope.
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We have two more spots on our way to find.
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Are we close?
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The last spot is beyond that caldera.
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Kerry is checking his new bargain shoes how they are holding up.
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Is this caldera, volcano, dry lake or meteor crater?
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Another push up.
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Almost down at the Peg leg.
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Happy to be down.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.4 Technical: 3.3 Scenic: 3.1 El. 3500'