Squaw Canyon 1/26/2015

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We are starting from a jungle.
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Some (for now) dry waterfalls.
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It is either to climb this up or
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To do the ridge. Not sure what is better.
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Wit is back in the canyon with us. He will climb the side up again later.
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Middle of the canyon is challenging but not bad.
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Some smaller rocks.
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Some big rocks.
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Beth is still with us. She will disappear later.
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It is leveling off.
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We are waiting, waiting for the rest of a group.
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Here they are.
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It is a time to make a group picture since we are splitting again.
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Down below is an Inner Pasture above is the Ret Top and Sawtooth.
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Up on a ridge.
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Our lunch spot.

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Climbing up to the high point.
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Signing an old register here. It is raining!
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Wash below is nice and sandy.
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It changes to boulders.
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And even to some wet waterfalls.
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Nice raingear, Hersch!
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Susan is leaving, we will stay for now. We like it here.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.3 Technical: 4 Scenic: 3.7 El. 2200'