Indian Canyon 2/9/2015

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After a very bumpy ride we are at the trailhead with signs.
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Wit is taking the high route.
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While we are taking it easy.
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Some burned bush.
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That is a nice Bowl.
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It is green all around. Looks like it will be a good spring for flowers.
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Found the old mine. What’s in it?
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Single bat at the end of the tunnel.
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John found his TC.
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John and Wit will go around while rest of us will go up over the ridges.
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Getting up.
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Lot of palms everywhere. Well they call it Valley of the Thousand Springs.
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Still somewhat stunned since there were two F16 jets flying low just over our heads. Wow!
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Some fun climbing up.
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And down.
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We have to get down to the bottom somehow. Looks steep.
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Go left or right? Any way you want to.
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Here it is the Psychedelic Eye. Can it last for a thousand years here?
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Our Maniacs Group.
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Lunch is over.
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There are some big rocks here. More fun.
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There is Jim and Hersch.
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Taking a shower in a cave on a hot day. Feels good.
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Going down the boulder alley (easier part).
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Life is good at the Desert Garden.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 3.9 Scenic: 3.9 El. 1800'