Square Top 3/9/2015

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After paying our entry fees to the reservation and parking at the end of the dirt road we are ready to go hiking.
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There is the Square Top. Looks close.
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Got down to creek.
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That is a nice rock.
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Getting closer.
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Us three left the road and are going x-country.
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It is few extra ups and downs for us.
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Taking a break before we will go down and do the final push up to the Square Top.
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Catching up with John.
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Made it here but we are not done yet.

Press bellow for
360 view on youtube

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We want to get to the real top. Jim and Jim supplied ropes. We have to anchor them first.
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Is the rope over?
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Kerry made it first to the top.
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Jim follows.
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John is going up.
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We are here that is exciting.
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Most of us made it up.
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Our complete group.
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There is a road.
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Crossing a creek bellow.
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That was a nice break in the shade here.
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Top of a Cougar Canyon. Psychedelic Eye is below.
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Watch for unfriendly Indians.
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Apparently some unfriendly Indian called Tribe Police to check us out. We are friendly and peaceful can you see, HOWGH!

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.3 Technical: 3.7 Scenic: 3.9 El. 3100'