Jacumba Mnt. 3/16/2015

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Forecast for San Diego is Ďhotí it is pleasant here.
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Yuccas are blooming.
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We are on the road for now.
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Nice flower carpets.
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Our first climb will be to 4006.
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Watch where you are stepping. Richard almost walked over a rattlesnake.
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Passed the TC here and Jim is lost somewhere.
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Jacumba is at the end.
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Lots of boulders ahead that means lots of fun ahead.
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Pick your way up.
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Fun starts.
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Yucca is opening.
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Lot of windmills there but none is ever turning in the morning.
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This is a nice ridge.
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Wayne and Jim. Will they continue on?
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Made it to Jacumba.

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Our group at the top. John is exploring bellow.
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It is green everywhere.
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We are back on the ridge. Ridge is nice with pleasant breeze.
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Chute going down.
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Boulder hopping down.
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Walk in a park.
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Water collection system for wildlife. There is water in but still donít know how that wildlife can get it out.
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We are back on the road but this part is not easy.
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All together now.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.5 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.9 El.3000'