Valley of the Moon 3/30/2015

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After surviving drive up, hiking here is relaxing.
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Off the road.
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There is a big quail.
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There is Wit, bellow Blue Angels.
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Later on we will attempt to climb that pile of rocks (2 o’clock from Kerry’s head).
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Valley of the Moon.
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Standing on Blue Angels Peak.
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There is even a TC here.
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On a way to the border marker.
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So far we are all together.
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Mexican portion of Valley of the Moon. How do you say it in Spanish?
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Fence, what fence.
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Looking from Elliot mine to our pile of rocks (Wilderness High Point) it is the one on right side 4038.
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We tried the South side up, it is no go.
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East side is also no go.
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So we are circling the mountain.
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NE try also ended. May be doable but with too much exposure.
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Lunch is over, we will try to finish our circle.
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It is not getting any easier.
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Still not over at the pass.
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Made the circle and there is John, who separated from us and is coming down from the top. He is the only one who made it!
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John climbed the old route. Going thru the maze of boulders is not easy.
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We are all together but where is Jim. He is AWOL.
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There are some girls camping at Smugglers. Jim is not even here.
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Back at the cars waiting for Jim, who was later found at the bottom of the hill. Hmm…

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.3 Technical: 4.1 Scenic: 4 El. 2200'