Mt. San Jacinto 7/20/2015

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This is our second peak hike from A16 3-Peak Challenge. We are taking Marion Mt. trail up.
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Traditional first stop.
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The question is weather. Is it going to rain and thunder?
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If weather gets tough only real men go hiking.
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Our second stop. John and Larry will separate from us and do Mt. St. Ellens 10,160í instead.
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We are continuing up. Weather is getting better.
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The brush switchbacks.
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Break at the campsite.
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Made it to the saddle. We donít trust these mileage signs.
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Almost there. Weather is nice.
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At the top. The sign is missing again.
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So here is the benchmark.
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Sunny lunch.
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Our group at the top with A16 flags.
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At the cabin.
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Bizarre tree.
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It is green here.
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Twisted tree.
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Clouds are coming from below.
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Sun above.
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This part going down is usually hot. Overall todayís weather was perfect.
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Our complete happy group.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4 Technical: 3 Scenic: 3.5 El. 4600'