San Gorgonio 7/27/2015

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This is our third hike of the A16 So-Cal highest peaks challenge.
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Permit? We got permit. Vivian Creek trail is now open!
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This first part is steep up.
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Don is here also. This is his forth (bonus) peek since he just done Baden-Powell.
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They are smiling for now.
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Up we go.
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One eyed Wit.
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Another hard portion of the trail.
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Getting closer.
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We are above it all.
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Nick is coming.
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Steve is here.
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There is a life here.
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NE part that was burned by recent fire.
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Area burned above Dry Lake.
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Our group at the top. Hersch did not make it by the turnaround time.

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San Jacinto above the Dragon Head.
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Going down.
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Galena Ridge.
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Here is Hersch, we got him on his way back.
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Lot of fallen trees here.
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We moved lower to enjoy Steve’s Blue Moon beers.
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The real Blue Moon will be here in few days.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4.4 Technical: 3 Scenic: 3.8 El. 5400'