Galena headwall 8/24/2015

hk15082427.jpg - 167210 Bytes
The plan is to go to Galena via the headwall.
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Not much water in Mill Creek.
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No trail here.
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Eroded canyon sides.
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Wayne is where? Practicing for the headwall.
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Lot of rocks here from above.
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Regrouping bellow the headwall.
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Letís do it. We have done it several times before. Should be no problem.
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Some info was to keep it to the left side. So we are trying that. Is that easier? No, bad info!
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This looks fine for now.
hk15082449.jpg - 178020 Bytes
Kerry is sliding.
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The steep part view.
hk15082455.jpg - 170595 Bytes
Wit is looking for returning group. It seems that the headwall changed since the last time.
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We did not make it to Galena. Only Wayne and Hersch made it to the top of the headwall. Next time?
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That was a nice rest in shade.
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Going down.
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Last look at the headwall.
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That is a nice boulder.
hk15082415.jpg - 145598 Bytes
Old shaft here?
hk15082418.jpg - 214284 Bytes
Rock face.
hk15082419.jpg - 122080 Bytes
Interesting rocks.
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We are all back and enjoying it in shade.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3.3 Technical: 4.5 Scenic: 3.6 El. 2400'