Thomas Mtn. Ridge 9/21/2015

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We are leaving one car here, the other one is at the end of hike.
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Off the road up to Wilderness HP.
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Richard got to his High Point.
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Ready to go to the next one.
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Big pinecones.
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That is heavy duty cattle guard.
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Railroad tracks are from 1906.
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Our second spot has a register however some novice hiker stacked the cans wrong way so it was full of water.
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Our group.
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Going up to Little Thomas.
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On a way up me, John and Hersch got stabbed by hornets. John go it also to his lip. Hersch got it numerous times so he had to run away.
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Easy trail.
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This trail is marked as More Difficult.
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On Ramona Trail.
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Colors on bush.
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We are running down to bring our shuttle car back.
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Contrary to dire forecasts of flash floods and heavy rain by professional and amateur weathermen not a single rain drop.
We are happy.
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Where are we?
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It is a ZOO here.
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The great artist Ricardo Breceda is showing us his work.
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Don Quichote. Ricardo has to move his operation so his artworks can be had for a good price!
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Athena with Nike. This is an interesting place to visit.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 3 Scenic: 3.2 El. 2700'