Whale Mtn. tail 10/19/2015

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It is great to be able to hike in desert again.
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Nice cactus.
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Big fallen tree.
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Small fallen tree
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We are hiking the Tail of the Whale.
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Going down to Pinyon Mtn Valley Road.
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This is a famous off road.
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First there is the Squeeze. When you get thru this there is no return back.
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Our group here is hoping to return back.
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This is a drop-off (not for cars) that we will attack when we are returning.
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Continuing on the road.
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This will be our lunch place on a top of the cars road drop-off.
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You need good brakes and fate to do it.
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Lower part of the drop-off.
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Looks like there was a big party at the Honeymoon Cabin.
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Everybody is welcome!
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The first dam.
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What are these wires doing here?
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This is a nice canyon. Johnís book says go back. No not us.
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Somebody blocked it.
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We got over that. There are some other medium obstacles.
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Here is that big drop-off we saw from the top.
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It is doable. We donít have to go back.
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Snake on the road! When it woke up it was a very fast snake.
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This road will make your vehicle High Clearance.
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Our complete group.

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.3 El. 2500'