Mile-High Peak 11/9/2015

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Heading up, up there somewhere.
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Weather forecast is scratchy but for now it is a great hiking weather.
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In Palo Verde Canyon.
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Still in the canyon.
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It is time to climb up on the ridge.
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Ridge is fine.
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Climb looks somewhat overwhelming.
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We cannot see the top yet.
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It is a grind up.
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Views are getting better.
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Gaining elevation.
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Nice big yucca (Nolina per Ted).
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Crested up. We can see the other side.
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We are pressed by time so our lunch is only 45 minutes. Want to make it down in daylight.

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Our group.
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Plan is to go down to the Rattlesnake Saddle and then climb up to the Villager Ridge.
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We are going to split. Ted, Kerry and Matt will go down via Rattlesnake Canyon rest of us will climb up to the ridge.
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It is steep down to the saddle.
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And steep up to the Villager Ridge.
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That is Mile-High Peak we just came down.
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Regrouping on the ridge. It will be 4000 down. Ouch for my knees.
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Rugged side.
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Wit is balancing on trail.
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It is somewhat windy.
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Clouds are coming.
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Is it going to rain? No chance, Susan is not here.
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Everybody made it back down to flat before nightfall. What a hike!

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 4.4 Technical: 3.8 Scenic: 3.5 El. 6300'