Badland, Caves 12/21/2015

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Starting at mud hills canyon.
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Getting up to Badland Overlook.
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We will cross these ripples to get into the next big wash.
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Going that way.
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John knows.
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Wit is looking for easy way down.
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Got into the wash. Looks like nobody comes here. Why?
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Desert mushroom.
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There is a window out.
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High walls on this side.
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High walls on other side. Are we trapped?
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Not even Hersch can find way over to the next wash.
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Well which way?
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Down back to the canyon.
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Nice hill.
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Made it to Palm Spring. Palms here need some improvement.
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This group picture is before we go into caves (some say we may disappear there).
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Decision: lower or upper entrance?
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This one is a nice and easy cave.
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John is coming out.
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To get out we have to keep climbing.
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Way down is fun.
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Big entrance to another caves.
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Against the odds we all made it back. Now it is time to sing and celebrate Susanís birthday!

Hike Rating: Difficulty: 3 Technical: 3.9 Scenic: 4 El. 1000'